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On behalf of the Scientific Convenor, Professor Jurgen Neuberg, and the Technical Convenor, Dr Vern Manville, we are delighted to welcome you to the 54th annual conference of the Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group, hosted by the University of Leeds.
Yorsget is a conference aimed primarily at MSc/PhD students, post-docs, and early career researchers in the broad field of structural geology and tectonics. The conference provides a platform for networking and research presentations in a supportive and inspiring atmosphere. The conference consists of keynotes, regular talks, poster presentations, and field trips.

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Photo-responsive Functional Surfaces for Bio-Nano Applications in Healthcare UK-India seminar is designed to generate new international collaborations to explore responsive surface molecular systems. Surfaces play a crucial role in biomedical applications including antibacterial surfaces, biosensing, tissue engineering to the controlled release of drugs. Modifying surfaces properties through the use of organic films is a well-developed…
This conference, chaired by Animesh Jha (University of Leeds) and Stephen Sweeney (University of Surrey), hosted a special Young Scientist Forum (YSF) session as well as an international programme promoting new discoveries in emerging physics, optoelectronics, materials and devices.
We were delighted to launch the Bauman Institute within the School of Sociology and Social Policy with a major international conference on 6th and 7th September 2010. It was an honour to welcome as our plenary speakers: Neal Lawson – Chair of Compass, and writer for The Guardian and New Statesman Saskia Sassen – Robert S. Lynd Professor of Sociology, Columbia University,…