Computational MHD Workshop

December 11-15, 2017, University of Leeds

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Together with the DiRAC facility we are organising a computational MHD workshop at the University of Leeds from 11 to 15 December 2017. The purpose of this workshop is to provide PhD students and postdoctoral researchers within (but not limited to) the UK MHD consortium an introduction to computational methods for solving the MHD equations. As the UK MHD consortium covers a wide range of topics across incompressible and compressible MHD, the workshop will not focus on one single computational method, but will involve several numerical techniques. The programme also allows for plenty of interaction with lecturers and other participants.

Due to the practical set-up of the workshop venue, we have to limit the number of attendees to 25. We hope that everyone interested will fit within this number but we are potentially able to increase the number of attendees if the demand is high. The registration fee is £50 and includes refreshments during coffee breaks and a workshop dinner on Wednesday evening. For registration please follow the link above.