Conferences, Workshops, Exhibitions, and Colloquia

Yorsget is a conference aimed primarily at MSc/PhD students, post-docs, and early career researchers in the broad field of structural geology and tectonics. The conference provides a platform for networking and research presentations in a supportive and inspiring atmosphere. The conference consists of keynotes, regular talks, poster presentations, and field trips.

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On behalf of the Scientific Convenor, Professor Jurgen Neuberg, and the Technical Convenor, Dr Vern Manville, we are delighted to welcome you to the 54th annual conference of the Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group, hosted by the University of Leeds.
The purpose of this workshop is to provide PhD students and postdoctoral researchers within (but not limited to) the UK MHD consortium an introduction to computational methods for solving the MHD equations. read more >
From 18 Sept to 10 Oct 2017 the University of Leeds will be hosting in the Edward Boyle Library Foyer a Photographic Exhibition titled “Women of Mathematics throughout Europe – A Gallery of Portraits”. The exhibition is intended to break down barriers and stereotypes about mathematics, encouraging young people (male and female) to believe in their capacities and express their potential.
The purpose of the conference is to bring together academics and language teachers working in Higher Education in the UK and internationally to discuss the nature and challenges presently faced in the field of language learning.
The Conference on Stochastic Control, Ambiguity and Games is a two-day event on stochastic control, robust optimisation and stochastic games which will explore existing and new links across the different research areas. The conference will bring together participants of our research week and other international experts, and will feature contributed and invited talks, time for discussions and an evening get-together on the…
The Workshop on Computational Approaches to Morphologically Rich Languages, organised by the Leeds University Kartvelian Studies group, aims to bring together established specialists and postgraduate research students working in the field of computational morphology and morphosyntax.
Featured Speakers include Daniela Cadamuro (Technische Universität München), Luigi Cantini (Université de Cergy-Pontoise), Anatoly Konechny (Heriot-Watt University) and Oleg Lisovyy (Université de Tours).
This conference aims be a catalyst for a step-change in the recognition and measurement of all forms of value arising from city, regional and national infrastructure, by connecting partners from academia, government, business and civil society operating at the local, national and international levels to debate, inform policy and shape plans for future research.
This conference addressed the state of R2P at the global level and reflected on European perspectives. Topics covered included ethics, gender, humanity, refugees and international law. Speakers included Jennifer Welsh (Former Special Adviser on R2P to the UN Secretary General and Professor of International Relations, European University Institute), Simon Adams (Director of the Global Center…
IQCLSW 2016 brought together leading international researchers in the field of quantum cascade lasers, and the programme provided a series of presentations spanning all aspects of quantum cascade laser research across the electromagnetic spectrum, from fundamental physics to the exploitation and applications of this technology.