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The following people are already confirmed as speakers for the event. We will be adding more as we receive confirmation.

Professor Luis Franceschi

Keynote Speaker

Professor P.L.O Lumumba

Keynote Speaker

Damarie Kalonzo

Student Perspectives Panellist

Dr Al Fricker


Dikko Yusuf

Student perspectives panellist

Vivian Nsiah


Dr John Baison


Ejiro Ikoko


Professor Anna Mdee

Chair for the "Higher Education Systems - Teaching and Scholarship" conference

Professor Lisa-Dionne Morris

Chair of "Women in Leadership" conference

Dr Winnie Bedigen

Chair of the "Community Education and Indigenous Knowledges" conference

Professor Tendai Mangena

Chair of the "African Feminist Leadership in Higher Education" conference

Dr Abel Ugba

Chair of the "Reframing Excellence" conference

Dr Simon Manda

Chair of the "Reframing Excellence" conference