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Dr Alesia Ofori

Dr Alesia Ofori is a lecturer in Water, Society and Development at the Centre for Water, Environment and Development at Cranfield University.

Alesia researches how political, economic, and socio-cultural processes occurring within and across local, meso and global levels impact resource use, development and governance. "I draw from post-colonial, critical feminist and political ecology scholarship to address how to work with political and power dynamics for sustainable resource governance. My work predominantly focuses on the Sub-Saharan African region, particularly West, Southern and East Africa and cuts across Water, Sanitation, Agriculture, Gender and the Extractive Industry. The foundation of my work is deeply rooted in my personal experiences in Ghana. Living in this context has afforded me firsthand exposure to the pervasive issues of inequality, political power struggles, and their subtle yet profound impact on the everyday lives, well-being, and capabilities of individuals. These experiences have shaped the core of my research and teaching philosophy, emphasizing the real-world implications of these dynamics on people's lives. My expertise extends to consultancy work, where I have collaborated with esteemed organizations such as WaterAid, Global Water Partnership, and ODI. In these roles, I have delved into diverse areas, including gender dynamics, climate-related issues, WASH governance, and resource politics, contributing valuable insights and solutions to complex challenges. Furthermore, I have actively participated in key projects sponsored by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). Notably, I was a key contributor to the £20 million Water Security Hub project and the ESRC Scaling up Off-grid Sanitation initiative in Haiti, Kenya, South Africa, and Peru."