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Women of Mathematics throughout Europe – A Gallery of Portraits


Come to the Edward Boyle Library to see a photographic exhibition of women mathematician!

This exhibition is travelling around Europe and the world and it portraits 13 women mathematicians at work. The mathematicians were photographed and interviewed. The full interviews together with many other pictures are collected in the exhibition catalogue, which is available to consult at the exhibition in Leeds or buy at the School of Maths Reception for £18.50 (or through the publishing house Verlag am Fluss).

Photographs by Noel Tovia Matoff and excerpts of interviews by Sylvie Paycha and Sara Azzali.

Useful Information

WHEN:       From 18th Sept to 10th Oct 2017
WHERE:    Edward Boyle Library, Foyer
WHAT:       Thirteen portraits of women mathematicians working in Europe

The exhibition is open to everyone and free of charge.

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