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13:17, Monday 16th January: One more thing


For posterity, the wonderful Jen Carlberg has supplied this report on the closing keynote of the MeCCSA conference 2017. Until next year. Professor Barbie Zelizer,...

15:40, The end of MeCCSA 2017


The time has come to say goodbye to MeCCSA 2017. It has been a huge success and everyone at the university would like to thank...

15:30, Keynote Q&As


With Trump and Brexit marketed with "Make America Great Again" and "Making Britain Great Again", we are reminded of the true nature of the 'greatness'...

15:25, 'Make Journalism Great Again!'


Make America Great Again? Make Britain Great Again? Move over, J Brambila has the real slogan to be considered! Shall we say: let's make journalism...

15:20, Journey back through time


Here are a selection of some great pictures from this week's conference. Many thanks to all of those who have sent in or tweeted images....

14:48, "The Anglo-American Imaginery"


Barbie Zelizer (University of Pennsylvania) starts her talk by looking at the "Anglo-American Imaginery". @bzelizer on the beginnings of the Anglo-American imaginary that helps us...

14:40, The final Keynote begins with thanks


Dr Katy Parry has begun the final instalment of  MeCCSA 2017 by thanking everyone involved. Thanks go to the student helpers, Sarah-Joy Ford, who has...