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MeCCSA Annual Conference 2017

About MeCCSA 2017

The 2017 Annual MeCCSA Conference was hosted from 11-13 January 2017 by the School of Media and Communication, University of Leeds. The theme of the MeCCSA 2017 is ‘Culture, Media, Equality and Freedom’. Keynote speakers and panel streams will be dedicated to this theme.

Equality and freedom are key political aspirations of modernity, from the French Revolution to the Arab Spring and beyond. Culture, media and communication (including film, television, publishing, music, digital and social media) are now central to the pursuit of these goals, and to dynamics of power and control. The conference theme provides the opportunity for MeCCSA to focus on issues of political justice in the context of our field and to consider the complex relationship between different forms of media and communication, the circumstances in which they are produced, distributed and consumed, and the consequences for the realisation of different forms of equality and freedom at local, national, regional and global levels. We have received scholarly papers, panels, practice contributions and film screenings across the full range of interests represented by MeCCSA and its networks through our call for papers.


13:17, Monday 16th January: One more thing

For posterity, the wonderful Jen Carlberg has supplied this report on the closing keynote of the MeCCSA conference 2017. Until next year. Professor Barbie Zelizer,...

15:40, The end of MeCCSA 2017

The time has come to say goodbye to MeCCSA 2017. It has been a huge success and everyone at the university would like to thank...

15:30, Keynote Q&As

With Trump and Brexit marketed with "Make America Great Again" and "Making Britain Great Again", we are reminded of the true nature of the 'greatness'...

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