Programme and Speakers

Plenary Speakers

Gödel lecture:

British Logic Colloquium Lecture:

Other plenary lectures:


  • Topic: Univalent foundations
    Speaker: Thierry Coquand – University of Gothenburg
  • Topic: Computable model theory
    Speaker: Uri Andrews – University of Wisconsin-Madison

Special Sessions

Computability theory
Organizers: Iskander Kalimullin, Sebastiaan Terwijn

Formal theories of truth
Organizers: Ole Hjortland, Dave Ripley

Homogeneous structures: model theory meets universal algebra
Organizers: Gregory Cherlin, Michael Pinsker

Model theory and limit structures
Organizers: Rehana Patel, Cameron Hill

Proof theory and reverse mathematics
Organizers: Andreas Weiermann, Antonio Montalban

Set theory
Organizers: Boban Velickovic, Itay Neeman