LASR 2019 - Big Data: On Time and Space

24 - 26 June: The University of Leeds


This year’s conference focuses on modern applied statistics and data analytics, including machine learning, for temporal data analysis and bioinformatics, theory and applications. LASR 2019 will bring together leading experts in the fields of temporal-longitudinal data analysis and bioinformatics.

Organising Committee: J. Houwing-Duistermaat, H. Liu, G. Aivaliotis and K. Mardia.

Registration is now open! Please register at the following link: LASR Online Store

The LASR workshops were founded and have been organised by Prof. Kanti Mardia for more than 4 decades. Follow this link to see the history of the LASR workshop.

Keynote Speakers

Columbia University, US
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University of Leeds, UK
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University of Nottingham, UK
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Invited Speakers

Dr Nicole Augustin (University of Bath, UK)

Prof. Dr. Jan Beran (Konstanz, Germany)

Dr Luisa Cutillo (Leeds, UK)

Dr R. Ghosh (WSL, Switzerland)

Prof. John Kent (Leeds, UK)

Dr Chuoxin Ma (University of Cambridge, UK)