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About this event

This conference aims to bring together academics and practitioners working in the areas of game-based learning, technology, public health and nutrition. We would like to share experiences and insight into how these fields can work together and stories of success and impact.

The overall objectives of the conference are the discussion and sharing of knowledge, experiences and research on serious games and technology and their applications for improving health behaviours and education, as well as to network and find potential collaborators for future research opportunities. Alongside key talks from speakers in the above fields, we will introduce our knowledge exchange project (below).

About the FIT Food Project

This year we have faced many challenges in terms of how we engage and educate students during COVID-19. The FIT Food (ESRC Impact Acceleration) Knowledge Exchange project which brings together nutrition and medical academics, digital education practitioners and game-developers at a European Company in order to optimise an online game to impact on players’ health behaviours. Freely accessible, game-based learning about nutrition and food products is available via the FIT Food app (FIT Talent Ltd). This project aims to optimise this game’s “learning power” and ability to promote behavioural change, knowledge acquisition and increase engagement amongst users. Alignment with existing healthy lifestyle initiatives is also sought by including input from Regional and National collaborators with a focus on public health nutrition.