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Valuing and financing infrastructure: Day 2

Thursday 27th April

Valuing and financing infrastructure at national and international scales

Click here for a pdf of the full conference schedule.

This day of the conference will explore the wider value of infrastructure at a national and international level. It will also look at funding of infrastructure which is often a barrier to its development.

There will be interactive sessions, panel discussions, networking and short presentations around the following key themes:

  • What are the pressing needs and possible solutions for infrastructure provision at a national and international level?
  • What new local government business models are emerging and how do we govern infrastructure for the best possible outcomes?
  • How can we incorporate the wider value (such as cultural, social and environmental factors) of infrastructure into decision making processes?
  • What is best practice in financing infrastructure programmes?
  • How do infrastructure sectors, such as transport, water and waste approach these problems and what can we learn from activities in these areas?
  • What role can universities working with key stakeholders do to address these points?

Confirmed speakers for day 2 include: