Student bursaries

UPDATE: bursaries have now been allocated, many thanks for your interest.


Student bursaries are available, sponsored by TecTask and the Tectonics Studies Group of the Geological Society of London.

TecTask bursaries are €500 each and will be allocated primarily to a student currently registered at a university in a country that is not in the list of World Bank high-income economies.

The TSG bursaries will be £200 each and students from any country are eligible.

The following rules apply to both bursaries.

1) The applicant has to be registered as a student at the time of the conference.

2) The applications have to be made using this form. Email applications are not accepted. If you have trouble using the form, please email

2) The application has to be submitted by the student’s supervisor or other academic who can confirm the details given in the form.

3) The student receiving a bursary has to register to the conference by the 28 February 2018.

4) The student receiving a bursary has to submit an abstract and present a poster or a talk at the conference.

5) The student has to write a short report after the conference (instructions will be sent separately).

6) The bursaries will be paid directly to the student’s account after the conference, when all the above conditions have been met.

We reserve the right to withdraw a bursary from a student if the above conditions are not met.