Bhopal Anniversary Drop-in Workshop

BhopaliReframing Disaster is hosting a Bhopal Anniversary Drop-in Workshop at The Tetley, from 3.30 – 5.30pm on 2 December. This is open to high school, college, and university students, and will be especially relevant for those with interests in world history, photography, world literature, film, charity and fundraising, and international politics.

The workshop will involve:

  • a guided tour of the Reframing Disaster exhibition at The Tetley, featuring the work of world-renowned India photographer Raghu Rai, the first to document the Bhopal Disaster;
  • a screening of Bhopali (dir. Max Carlson), a powerful film about the Bhopal gas disaster and its ongoing effects;
  • an interactive discussion about the exhibition, film, and history of Bhopal and other global disasters

For more information about the Bhopal disaster over time, please see The Bhopal Marathon and the Bhopal Medical Appeal website.