Zine Workshop on Writing Environmental Justice

Melanie Boeckmann, PhD researcher on climate change at the University of Bremen, will be hosting a participatory workshop: ‘Writing Environmental Justice,’ from 2.15-4pm on Friday 28th November, at the Carriageworks (Millennium Square, Leeds).

Participants will get an introduction to the environmental and social issues and will then contribute to a zine: a written document collecting ideas on responsibility, on environmental justice‚Äôs place in climate change discourses, and on power in (academic) processes of defining vulnerability, a practice that easily leads to ‘othering’. Borrowing from the concept of a DIY zine workshop, the session could bring together academic and non-academic audiences, encouraging active sharing of knowledge and ideas.

All welcome! The workshop is a standalone session of the Reframing Disaster conference is open to anyone. The zine produced will later be hosted on this website.