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NEW! REDS Seminar series:

The research-teaching-impact nexus in UK STEMM Departments
Dr Eliel Cohen

This first seminar in the series took place on 19th April 2021 Click this link to view a video of the presentation

Eliel talked about his new book and what the findings meant for practice, policy and researcher developers.

Eliel’s introduction to the seminar: My recent book (2021) studied the interactions between academic STEMM departments and non-academic sectors to produce socioeconomically relevant or useful knowledge, with a focus not only on ‘impact’ as a mere add-on of research, but also on the ways that academic research is often fundamentally intertwined with the knowledge society or ‘ecology’ (Barnett, 2017). I was expecting to focus almost exclusively on the role of academics themselves. However, one of my strongest findings was the multiple and often central roles of students and graduates (particularly but not exclusively at the doctoral level), especially those who leave academia, prompting me to coin the idea of a ‘research-teaching-impact’ nexus at the heart of universities’ role within and relations to society. This talk will summarise the study, highlighting those findings which prompt reflection on the importance of students to academic research and what this means for policy and practice and researcher development.

Barnet, R. (2017). The Ecological University. Abingdon: RoutledgeCohen, E. (2021). The University and its Boundaries: Thriving or Surviving in the 21st century. Abingdon: Routledge.

Doctoral Supervisor Development Reading Group

Co-leads: Dr Kay Guccione at Glasgow Caledonian University, and Dr Sian Vaughan at Birmingham City University

Our online community is hosted in an MS Teams space where we run meetings and discussions for academic developers and researcher developers, who have an interest in research supervision. Our key aim is to support each other to engage with the literature related to doctoral supervision on a regular basis, and the group meets quarterly to discuss articles related to supervision. These meetings have been consciously designed to be developmental, inclusive and cooperative and to enable members to develop ideas from the literature into pragmatic support initiatives for supervisors.

We use the MS Teams space as a community between meetings for scheduled themed ‘chats’, to share new articles we find, ask a question, discuss pertinent issues related to supervision. New members are very welcome and to join, please email kay.guccione@gcu.ac.uk and sian.vaughan@bcu.ac.uk.