Call for abstracts 2022

Researcher Education and Development Scholarship (REDS) international conference 2022
Wednesday 12th October 10:00 – 16:00 (GMT+1) 

Call for abstracts
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How do we stop losing talent in research careers?

We invite you to submit an abstract to present at the 8th Annual REDS conference. This year we ask, ‘How do we stop losing talent in research careers?’ How can the education and development of researchers support diversity in research such that all can contribute, and all can research?

Within this theme, areas of focus we particularly welcome include:

  • Widening participation in research
  • Widening participation in research careers
  • Decolonisation of research
  • First generation researchers
  • Digital poverty
  • Mature researchers
  • Hybrid doctoral research

We welcome presentation of:

  • Research and scholarship outcomes relating to our conference themes.
  • Opinion pieces relating to our theme, founded in existing research and scholarship outputs that project future needs for the education and development of researchers, or that identify key gaps in the current published research in respect of the development and education of researchers.

Abstract submission Deadline: Closing date Friday 27th May 2022

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