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2021 Conference:

Keynote presentation:
Innovation without limits: Imagining a possible inclusive future for researchers
Dr Jessica Gagnon, University of Strathclyde
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  1. A multi-dimensional fit informed framework to examine Research Culture
    Tanvir Ahmed, Heather Sears, Coventry University
  2. Using Research Culture as an Opportunity for Alternative Approaches to Researcher Development
    Kathy Barrett, Jessica Davidson, Tom Rusbridge, King’s College London
  3. From collective zine-making to community of practice: reclaiming research as a personal and emotional act for inclusive research cultures
    Lisa Bradley, Amanda Ptolomey, University of Glasgow
  4. Putting the heart back into Higher Education: reconnecting and learning from HE Communities of Practice to facilitate hybrid ways of working
    Daniela Bultoc, International Trainer, Coach
  5. Disrupting the Doctorate: Building a Postgraduate Research Culture
    Jacqueline Taylor, Sian Vaughan & Oliver Carter, Birmingham City University
  6. Embracing ‘otherness’ through belonging: Experiences of engaging in a research project as female working class educators
    Amy Edwards-Smith, Emma Gillaspy & Fiona Routh, University of Central Lancashire
  7. The Lost Voices’: bringing inequalities in research cultures out of the dark
    Sarah Jasim, Care Policy Evaluation Centre (LSE) / Department of Applied Health Research (UCL), NIHR ARC North Thames; Shaakir Salam, Morag Lewis, Jemima Ho, King’s College London; Kailey Nolan, NIHR ARC North Thames; Rui Pires Martins, Queen Mary University of London;
  8. Changing culture, changing roles? Investigating the broadening role of researcher development in shaping research culture and environment
    Katie Wheat and Kate Jones, Vitae
  9. The Power of Writing – an inclusive online community to foster supportive research environments
    Stephanie Zihms & Claire Mackie, University of West of Scotland.
  10. Researcher Developers as EDI agents of change: Reflecting on the ‘Decolonising Researcher Training’ Project
    Neelam Wright & Emma Francis University of Surrey
  11. Who is responsible for the atmosphere in the room?
    Julie Reeves, University of Southampton
  12. When supervisors speak: Developing supervisors with awareness, confidence and ability to drive inclusive cultures for postgraduate researchers.
    Kirsten Riches-Suman & Russell Delderfield, University of Bradford
  13. ‘Change for the better’: using a kaizen approach to drive change in research culture’.
    Anna Seabourne, University of Huddersfield, Davina Whitnall, University of Salford.
  14. (In)Visible: Reforming from hidden to visible members of the research community
    Sandy Sparks, University of Nottingham
  15. Researchers as active designers of research culture: moving to a co-creation model for researcher development practices
    Natacha Wilson, Cambridge Insights; Kathy Barrett, King’s College London; Sandrine Soubes, Tesselle Development


2020 Conference:

Click on the links below to watch video presentations from the 2020 REDS Conference.

  1. Dr Kay Guccione provided the keynote presentation at REDS 2020 Click here to watch ‘Doctoral Supervision — now you see it, now you don’t
    Based on Elliot, D. L., Bengtsen, S. S.E., Guccione, K. & Kobayashi, S. (2020) The Hidden Curriculum in Doctoral EducationPalgrave Macmillan, ISBN 9783030414962
  2. Click this link to watch Dimensions of Wellbeing in Doctoral Supervision Pedagogy: Martin Gough, University of Liverpool
  3. Click this link to watch Mirror mirror on the wall: Is the current doctoral researcher well-being crisis being propagated by supervisors’ past experiences?  Kirsten Riches-Suman, Russell Delderfield, University of Bradford
  4. Click this link to watch What can PIs learn from supervisors and why might it matter? Catherine Charlwood and Fiona McBride. University of Liverpool  (Unlocking postdoc career potential )
  5. Click this link to watch Next generation supervision 2021: Karen Clegg, University of York
  6. Click this link to watch  Applying Dialogic Practice to Negotiate Student-Supervisor Expectations: Irina Baydarova, Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus
  7. Click this link to watch Virtual Support and Training of Supervisors Currently and in the Future: Pam Denicolo and Dawn Duke, Universities of Reading and Surrey
  8. Click this link to watch  A community-engaged approach to supervisor training:  Stephanie Zihms, University of the West of Scotland
  9. Click this link to watch The Making of Doctoral Supervisors: An International Study: Stan Taylor, Durham University
  10. Click this link to watch Using an online peer-assisted learning scheme to support the supervision and professional development of doctoral researchers, Maria Sapouna, University of the West of Scotland.
  11. Click this link to watch PhD supervisor support for research impact training and planning: Reetika Suri, Queen Mary University of London
  12. Click this link to watch A Team Effort? Addressing boundaries between supervisors and researcher developers: Katie Wheat, Kate Jones, Vitae and Katherine Parker-Hay, Vitae/CHASE doctoral candidate