REDS Conference 2020

The conference was hosted online by the University of Leeds on Thursday 15th October 2020.
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The 2020 conference was all about supervision. This was our call for abstracts:

This year we ask two core questions ‘What is supervision now?’ And ‘what development or institutional structures are needed to enable supervisors?
Much of the work characterising the supervisor role was carried out in and around the first decade of the 21st Century. We now have a context of increasing diversity of formats for the doctorate, from split-site doctorates to cohort programmes including significant taught elements, distance learning doctorates and practice based models etc. As we enter the third decade, what has changed? And from there, how do we support supervisors in their preparedness to enact the role confidently and effectively? There is much we can explore within these questions. We welcome abstracts for presentations relating to our core questions. Within this, you may wish to consider areas such as:

  • The transition from research student, to academic, to supervisor
  • What are the challenges of supervision today?
  • Building supervision capacity: competence, and confidence.
  • When should supervisor development start?
  • The effectiveness of supervisor training and development programmes
  • Do any models of supervision work for all contexts?
  • Thinking beyond ‘skills’ – how can we develop supervision and practice?

We welcome presentation of:

  • Research and scholarship outcomes relating to our conference themes.
  • Opinion pieces founded in existing research and scholarship outputs that project future needs for the development of researchers as supervisors, or that identify key gaps in the current published research in respect of the development of researchers for supervision.