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25th International Colloquium on the Dynamics of Explosions and Reactive Systems (ICDERS)

Sunday 2 - Friday 7 August, 2015


The International Colloquium on the Dynamics of Explosions and Reactive Systems (ICDERS) has been held every two years since its founding in 1967 by N. Manson, A.K. Oppenheim, and R. Soloukhin. The colloquium has been the premier international forum for the presentation of scientific contributions in the fields of explosions and unsteady combustion, where there is strong coupling between reaction and fluid mechanics. It is held on alternate years from The International Combustion Symposium and is recognized by The Combustion Institute as a Specialists Meeting on the fluid dynamics of combustion.

The Dynamics of Explosions is primarily concerned with flows in which compressibility is a major factor: for example, detonations. Reactive Systems refers primarily to flows in which transient reactions or rapid fluid deformations play key roles: for example, ignition phenomena and the interaction of flames with turbulence. These definitions are intentionally broad and include fluid systems with a variety of additional chemical and physical effects. The meeting encompasses and welcomes both basic and applied research. Specific examples of contributions and topics from previous years can be found by visiting the website of the Institute for the Dynamics of Explosions and Reactive Systems (IDERS),, which has links to websites of previous meetings. 

Prior ICDERS Meetings

Bruxelles (1967), Novosibirsk (1969), Marseille (1971), San Diego (1973), Bourges (1975), Stockholm (1977), Gottingen (1979), Minsk (1981), Poitiers (1983), Berkeley (1985), Warsaw (1987), Ann Arbor (1989), Nagoya (1991), Coimbra (1993), Boulder (1995), Krakow (1997), Heidelberg (1999), Seattle (2001), Hakone (2003), Montreal (2005), Poitiers (2007), Minsk (2009), Irvine (2011), Taipei (2013).

Programme Committee

M. I. Radulescu (Chair), A. Kasimov (Co-Chair), A. Matsuo (Co-Chair), A. Sanchez (Co-Chair), B. Akih Kumgeh, N. Chaumeix, , A. Chinnayya, S.  I. Jackson, A. Poludnenko.

ICDERS Board Members

L. Bauwens (President), N. Chaumeix (Vice-President),Y.-C. Chao, S. B. Dorofeev, V. Gamezo, A. K. Hayashi, A. J. Higgins, S. I. Jackson, U. Maas, F. Marra, A. Matsuo, O. G. Penyazkov, E. Petersen, M.I. Radulescu, S. Shy, W. A. Sirignano, A.Teodorczyk, A. A. Vasil’ev, J.-P. Wang, F. Williams.

Host Committee in Leeds:

M. Lawes (Chair), D Bradley, A.A. Burluka, G Andrews, A. Tomlin, R. Phylaktou, J Brindley, A. McIntosh, A. Whiteley.


ICDERS 2015 Secretariat
CPD, Conference & Events Unit
Faculty of Engineering, University of Leeds

Plenary Sessions

Five plenary sessions will be given:

Paul Clavin, Aix-Marseille Université, ECM & CNRS (IRPHE), France
Non linear theory for the dynamics of shock fronts and cellular detonations in gases

Vladimir E. Fortov, Joint Institute for High Temperature of RAS, Russia
Extreme states of matter and rarefaction, generated by the explosive driven shock waves 

Andrew Higgins, McGill University, Canada
Approaching detonation dynamics as an ensemble of interacting waves

Richard Saurel, University Institute of France and Aix-Marseille University, France
Modelling shocks and detonations in heterogeneous high explosives

Richard A. Yetter, The Pennsylvania State University, USA
Nanoenergetics and combustion